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Alex Face

Alex Face: Recognizable Art straight from Bangkok, Thailand

Patcharapol Tangruen, alias Alex Face, is a renowned and influential graffiti artist. He was born in 1981 in Thailand. Alex Face started showing interest in art from childhood, slowly developing as a passion and later a career. He discovered graffiti art while studying fine art at university. He first painted his name and later depicted his face, which earned his nickname. Since then, Alex Face artworks have gained recognition across the globe.

What Alex Face is Known For.

Close up of Alex Face muralAlex Face is one of the most famous graffiti artists in Thailand who paints large-scale artwork in public spaces to enable him to reach larger audiences. He has painted many abandoned buildings in Bangkok and has graced numerous walls globally, from Berlin and Tokyo to London. Alex Face is widely recognized for his signature baby character. He uses a 3-eyed bunny-eared girl known as Mardi – initially inspired by his daughter – dressed in a fuzzy bunny outfit which appears cute at first glance but is always angry and worried.

Alex Face is also known for using the impressionist method of expression. His colorful and eye-catching pieces explore deeper themes, including environmental crisis and poverty.

Alex Face Art: Most Important Works.

Since Alex started his art career, he has crafted numerous artworks with many people. Some of the iconic Alex Face art pieces include:

Alex Face mural in Thailand

Monument of Hope

Without doubt a great Alex Face art piece is ‘Monument of Hope’ painted during the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. It depicts Mardi alongside the paintings of two bronze sculptures. In one sculpture, the girl is sitting, and in the other she is standing. The artwork combines Alex Face’s classic imagery with a more traditional method of production.

Alex Face’s Basket

One of the most important works by this artist is the “Basket”. This Alex Face art piece was released by Souled Out Studios in different colors, from grey to gold-leafed versions. Alex Face individually embellished each print in an array of watercolors. It depicts Mardi carrying two basketsful balanced with a stick on her shoulders.

Alex Face mural in Bangkok

Alex Face Exhibitions.

Alex Face has earned his name in international modern art. Many key museums and galleries feature Alex Face artworks. one of the most recent exhibitions, “Unity,” was on June 2022 in Volery Gallery in Dubai, UAE. In 2020 he had a solo exhibition, “Monument of Hope,” at Bangkok CityCity Gallery that saw hundreds of visitors attend to view the amicable artwork by Alex Face. Other shows by this Thai artist include Mystical creature (Vertical Gallery Chicago 2019), Off the wall (Art stage, Jakarta 2017), After the Quake (Minimal Gallery, Chiang Mai 2010), and many more.

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