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Banksy: Social Criticism through clever Street Art.

Banksy is a renowned artist born around 1974 in Bristol, England. He is a graffiti street artist who started artwork in the late 1990s. Yet very little is known about him for all these years. He keeps his identity secrete, something that makes him a curious person. Initially, Banksy preferred drawing and producing freehand, but in 2000, he began to use stencils to create his Urban Art pieces. Continue reading to learn more about Banksy, from what he is best known for and his most important artwork to his exhibitions.

What Banksy is Known For.

A camera watching a wall which says what are you looking atBanksy is one of the eminent artists globally. He is best known for his proactive street paintings and graffiti with social and political themes. Banksy produces colourful pieces of work with great detail, which pop up in public places such as streets, building walls, and bridges.

Many people love his work and are willing to buy Banksy's work. Many pay thousands of pounds for Banksy artworks and consider it incredible art.

This philanthropic artist has a signature style that makes his pieces stand out. His paintings are characterized by striking images often combined with slogans that commonly features subjects such as members of the royal family, rat, children, ape, and police officers. Banksy art is also known for using copyrighted material and his unique stencilling technique.

Banksy Art: Most Important Works.

Banksy has painted dozens and dozens of ground-breaking pieces around the world. Some of iconic Banksy’s artwork include:


Banksy's Girl with Red Balloon.

One of Banksy’s most important works is the Girl with Red Balloon. This piece features a little girl with her hand extended, trying to reach a red heart-shaped balloon girl with faintly painted words “There is always hope”. This piece of art was first spotted on London's West Bank wall in 2002.

Love is in the Air (Flower Thrower) by Banksy.

Another famous artwork by Banksy is Love is in the Air (Flower Thrower), also known as a flower thrower. It was initially created in 2003 on a 760km wall separating Israel and Palestine. The graffiti depicts a young man dressed as a militant wearing a bandana as a mask on his lower face and a baseball cap facing backwards in the middle of throwing a bouquet as a grenade or Molotov.

Laugh Now, released by Banksy in 2003.

Laugh Now (But One Day We'll Be In Charge) is one of the iconic Banksy artworks created in 2003. It depicts a monkey standing upright wearing a sandwich board with the slogan ‘Laugh Now, but one day we'll be in charge'.

Banksy's Peckham Rock.

The Peckham Rock is another iconic Banksy art . This artwork was created on a piece of concrete and first displayed in 2005 in the British Museum. It depicts a prehistoric figure pushing a shopping trolley.

Banksy artwork on a wall in Venice

Banksy Exhibitions.

Due to the temporary nature of Banksy's artwork and his elusiveness, he has very few pieces of his paintings in permanent collections. However, since 2000, his artwork has been displayed in many worldwide art exhibitions—both authorized and unauthorized. In 2000 Banksy’s first-ever shows were held in Severnshed restaurant. In 2002 there was a fun-filled exhibition at Existencilism in the United States.

Other Banksy Art Exhibitions include Turf War (2003), Crude Oils (2005), Barely Legal (2006), Bristol Museum (2009), Dismaland (2015), Walled Off Hotel (2017) and Gross Domestic Product (2019).

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