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Boris Tellegen

Boris Tellegen: From Graffiti to Geometry

Boris Tellegen, alias Delta, was born in 1968 in Amsterdam. Tellegen started his art career in the 80s when he was 14 years and anchored his work in a geometrical style based on reversed perspective. Through handwork, his career transitioned from moleskin notebook to school bathroom and to the streets, where he became part of the local pioneer in Europe graffiti art. Later, Boris Tellegen’s artworks became established within the field of the contemporary art scene, with several international exhibitions. This article will explore more about Boris Tellegen art career from what he is known for and his most important work to his exhibitions.


What Boris Tellegen is Known For.

boris tellegen screenprint 2Tellegen was born in a creative family and was introduced to art by his father, who was a writer at an early age. After his graduation in the early 90s with a degree in industrial design engineering at the Delta University of Technology, it was time for Boris to work as a full-time artist. This action allowed him to switch from the street and join other artists whose work was trending in gallery spaces and studios.

Boris is famous for drawing, sculpture, collages, videos, and installations. He sketched out his every idea and never switched off his curiosity for three-dimensional lettering.

Boris Tellegen Art: Most Important Works.

Boris Tellegen introduced the tag Delta on the street for the first time in 1984. Delta was his alias name which was identified worldwide by his peers. Throughout his career, Boris Tellegen art uses a unique style resembling isometric plan. Some most important Boris Tellegen artworks are Fatum, Gasub_3, and setting 1.

Besides, this artist is renowned for using 3D graffiti and 3D sculptures in his art. This action makes Boris Tellegen art exist in real-time, thus making it unique among his peer.

boris tellegen screenprint 1

Boris Tellegen Exhibitions.

Boris Tellegen currently lives in Amsterdam. He has exhibited his past works in several museums and galleries worldwide. One of the latest exhibitions by the artist was in April 2022, titled Overdose in Design Museum Holon. Also, he exhibited in October 2021 Private choice at Backslash Gallery in Paris, France. In 2019, Boris Tellegen was among the artists who participated in a group exhibition, Future is collective, at Backlash Gallery. Other Boris exhibitions include Boris Tellegen aka Delta: A Friendly Takeover (Mima Museum Brussels Belgium,2017), See You All (ALICE Brussels Belgium,2021), and many more. If you are interested in his artworks, there are many art galleries you can find or buy Boris Tellegen’s works locally and internationally.

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