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Borondo: Merging strong messages with aestheticism

Gonzalo Borondo is a famous international artist born in 1989 in Spain, who started creating and drawing art at a very tender age. Since 2007, he has actively been creating works in public spaces, including large scale murals around the world. He is also well known for his work with glass, which can be found on the streets, and knows how to combine strong imagery with strong messages. That is what Borondo stands for.


What Borondo is Known For.

Gonzalo Borondo etchingBorondo is a street artist best known for his classical painting techniques and his innovative approach to street art. He creates large scale arts in public places that are full of pathos. The Spanish artist uses different techniques from charcoal and tempera to oil painting to bring out clarity in his art. Also, Borondo uses different media for his art, including walls, hay bales, wood, glass, and ceramics. He creates murals and paint-covered glass panels made of sweeping, expressive brushstrokes.
Gonzalo Borondo is also known for his expressionist art. He uses a very personal and recognizable style in his works that bring out his personal and sensitive point of view and the emotional side of reality. The result is colourful pieces of work with great details which fit well in urban spaces. His main expression uses the human body with different bodily positions that signify his messages.

Borondo Art: Most Important Works.

Borondo has crafted many unique pieces throughout the world. Some of the most important Borondo artworks include:

Momento Mori by Borondo

Memento Mori is perhaps the most well-known screenprint by Borondo. It features an image of an unclear half-displayed man holding the wings of a white-coloured bird that seems to be dead wide open using the hands. It was initially crafted on 2015. Also, the artist released a book named Momento Mori, which highlights a large part of his boy of work since 2014.

Borondo’s Glass Etchings

Borondo is without doubt known for his work with glass. These can not only be found on the streets (for example in London), but the artist presented a large body of small facing etched into glass at his show Animal as well.

Fake Paradise, released in 2015

Another impressive example of Borondo’s art is Fake Paradise. The screenprint saw its release in 2015 and depicts the face of a person blinded by flowers. It is to this day one of the most sought after works of Borondo.

A close up of a Borondo artwork in London

Borondo Exhibitions.

Gonzalo Borondo is one of the most famous urban artists. He showcases his impressive works in different personal shows and many street art festivals worldwide. Thousands of visitors gather to view his eye-catching art, with many willing to buy Borondo works. One of the artist’s biggest exhibitions was on 7th October 2017 in Marseille, France, an exhibition when Matière Noire was represented. Other of his exhibitions include Hole of Fame (2012), Isterofimia (2012), Animal (2015), Cenere (2017), URBAN NATION (2018), Expo Express (2015), Aria 2017 Hereditas (2021), and many more.

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