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Cope2: Old-school Graffiti Known Worldwide.

Fernando Carlo, alias Cope2, is a renowned graffiti artist born in 1968 in New York. He is a self-taught artist who began his art career in 1978, influenced by his cousin Chris. Cope2 was very active in art in the 80s and 90 when he created his first artwork, the “Kids Destroyer,” in 1982, later named “Kings Destroyer.” During that time, he painted numerous streets and subways in New York, earning him fame throughout the US and internationally.

Continue reading more about Cope2, from what he is best known for and his most important works to his exhibitions and available artworks.

What Cope2 is Known For.

Cope2 x Shepard Fairey artCope2 is one of the most prolific graffiti artists globally. He depicts colorful, text-based graffiti tags on subways and streets. Since the mid-90s, Cope2 is best known for throw-up and wide-style graffiti. Up to today, the artist uses the same style and has been very influential to many young upcoming graffiti artists.

Cope2 artworks has been sold at auctions globally, and the pieces are an icon of graffiti history. Also, he has been featured in several pop culture outlets, from games and videos such as the Grand Theft Auto IV and the graffiti documentary (1993) style wars to films like Shrek the Third. He has collaborated on many projects with brands and companies such as Converse, Adidas, and Time Magazine.

Cope2 Art: Most Important Works.

Cope2 is one of the pioneers of graffiti art, like Boris Tellegen is in the Netherlands. He has over 30 years of experience and has crafted hundreds of art pieces.

Cope2’s bubble throw-up

One of the notable Cope2 art pieces is a bubble throw-up done in pure bubble style. Initially, Cope2 sprayed this with chrome color but later repeated the throw-up bubble art and added color variations.

Also, the wild-style graffiti is another iconic Cope2 art style. He has numerous wild-style masterpieces that involve painting using several decorative elements, including overlapping and interwoven shapes and letters, arrows, spikes, and many more.

Shepard Fairey collaborates with Cope2 on Art.

The collaboration with Shepard Fairey on the well-known ‘Obey’ clothing brand is another example iconic Cope2 art, where he incorporates his famed bubble letters.

Some original paintings and drawings by cope2 include Broadway Canal Street C Subway Sign in 2013, Royalty in 2012, GWOP in 2013, etc. You can buy Cope2 original paintings and drawings online from different art collections and galleries.

cope2 bubble letters art workCope2 Exhibitions.

Cope2 artworks have been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions in key museums and galleries throughout the United States and internationally. One of the most successful solo exhibitions, ‘Beyond Glory’, was in 2017 at the Gallery Geraldine Zberro. The exhibition explored his rich street art heritage. Other Cope2 past exhibitions include ‘Transition’ (TT Gallery, 2011), ‘Cross the Streets’ (Matco Museum Rome, 2017), ‘Following my Path’ (JPS Art Gallery,2021), and many more.

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