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Eelus: Drawing on (Horror) Culture to invent Style.

Eelus is a talented self-taught street artist born in 1979 in Northwest England. This stencil artist began his art career in the late 80s when he was creating hand-drawn Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles posters for other pupils at the playground (for a marginal profit). Today, Eelus is a very popular contemporary artists and has painted and exhibited extensively globally – one that has established himself through a unique style.

What Eelus is Known For.

Eelus mural in LondonEelus is an iconic graphic artist best known for street art painting. The artist draws inspiration from the culture of literature and cinema. He combines elements from a wide range of found imagery taken from (horror) film, pop culture, art history, and graphics to bring out his vibrant artistic creations.
Eelus showcases his well-crafted artworks via several mediums, including 3D work, prints, murals, and paintings. The prolific artist is also known for his incredible use of stencils combined with random splashes to create a distinctive piece. Eelus artworks are full of contradictions and opposing forces. He uses vibrant and dull colors in most of his paintings which, according to him, are symbolic.

Eelus Art: Most Important Works.

Eelus, one of the most influential artists on the street art scene, has created hundreds of art works, some of which are sold in auctions. If you wish to buy Eelus art-prints, you can do so through on Urban Art section. Some of the most iconic Eelus artworks include:

Eelus’ Icarus.

One of the awe-inspiring Eelus art is ‘Icarus’, initially exhibited in 2010. This beautiful piece depicts a stark black, and white women figure with wings. Today, it’s an iconic image that clearly draws on horror culture – combining Eelus’ distinctive style with a very strong image.

After the Rain by Eelus.

Another iconic Eelus art piece is ‘After the Rain’. It features a little girl wearing a black hood with white dots crossing a road painted in different colors, mimicking a rainbow.

Not Everything is so Black and White.

“Not Everything is so Black and White” is another excellent Eelus artwork, initially created on a street wall in Dubai, UAE. A 22-color screenprint was later released in 2010 — picturing a little girl holding an umbrella under the pours of colored rain.

Eelus Exhibitions.

Eelus is best known for his outstanding artwork. Many key museums and galleries have featured Eelus artworks in the past. Also, he has exhibited in several successful solo exhibitions. He and other prominent artists within the contemporary urban movement have also printed and exhibited several global artworks. One of the best solo exhibitions by Eelus is “The Darkside of the Rainbow” in 2016 at Spoke Art Gallery in California, USA. Other Eelus exhibition includes Dance Boldly Through the Storm (London,2017), Right Here Right Now (London,2021), Semi Skimmed (Shoreditch,2018), Urban Uprising (Falmouth,2015), and many more.

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