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Gonefellow: Art that’s witty and mysterious.

Gonefellow is a great stencil artist whose background little is known about. Even when you access his barely-used Instagram and Twitter, you will get close to no information about him. But it is believed that this artist originates in the UK. Nevertheless, his collection is rated alongside many other street and urban artists.

What Gonefellow is Known For.

Gonefellow box head print close up
Although the artist keeps his identity a secret, in general, Gonefellow art is charming, intriguing, and full of satire. He is best known for creating quality and vibrant urban art, which incorporate works of other mediums and artists.

Gonefellow artworks often sell out very quickly upon release. No wonder, because people come out in numbers to buy Gonefellow prints every time he publishes them.

It must be noted that there exists a controversy between Gonefellow artworks and the works of Banksy, which has been discussed since Gonefellow first introduced works and screenprints. For instance, his print of a ‘Graffiti Truck’ is probably an interpretation of Banksy's meat truck. Banksy uses a pointing “Siren of the Lambs” in his meat truck, which depicts a drop cattle car hauling a load of plush animals to the slaughter. This same truck was incorporated into Gonefellow’s ‘Graffiti Truck’ screenprint, albeit altered to display Banksy street works being transported.

Gonefellow Art: Most Important Works.

Gonefellow is an influential artist who has made his name without much online activity or marketing. Yet all his prints are sold with ease, mostly through Castle Gallery or the secondary market. The following are some of iconic Gonefellow artworks:

Gonefellow’s Graffiti Truck (The Parody).

One of the most important pieces of Gonefellow art is the “Graffiti Truck (The Parody)”, published by Castle Gallery in 2016. Interestingly enough, when Gonefellow released this piece, it was sold like the work of an established artist even though it was his first. It depicts a man in a suit sitting in the driver’s seat, and the word 'Sincura' (referring to the group removing Banksy art from the streets) can be seen on the door. On the back of the truck several cut out Banksys can be seen, making it a powerful statement by Gonefellow.

Box Head by Gonefellow

The screenprint ‘Box Head’ is one of the iconic Gonefellow artworks and was done in 2017. The print entails a drawing of a man standing wearing a box on his head. Sounds simple enough, but it has become a classic Gonefellow artwork for a lot of people. Perhaps because the image was initially released through a secret t-shirt drop.

Gonefellow’s Playboy

Another outstanding Gonefellow art print is ‘Playboy’, which is a multi-colour screen print of a man who sits looking tired, yet is wearing colorful bunny ears. This print is issued in several colour variants and was released through Castle Gallery, for many the primary source of Gonefellow art.

Gonefellow Exhibitions.

Over the few years, Gonefellow is gaining popularity and momentum in his work. From ‘Graffiti Truck’, ‘Playboy’, and other popular prints. This mysterious artist has been gearing up from one exhibition to another through castle Gallery NI, having initially planned one back in 2020 – which was unfortunately postponed due to the pandemic. As such, the first Gonefellow exhbition still needs to take place.

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