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Invader: Bringing Game Mosaics to the Street.

Franck S., alias Invader, is a French urban artist who was born in 1969 in France. Invader is a graduate of Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris and began his mosaic work in Paris in the 1990s. Throughout the years, he went on to install mosaics in more than thirty-one cities across France. His name has been infiltrating the street corners of many cities worldwide for the last 23 years. Although he remains anonymous and nobody has seen his face yet, he is the most famous mosaicist of our time.

What Invader is Known For.

Mosaic street piece by artist InvaderIn his works, Invader decided to use the 1978 arcade game Space Invader to make images from ceramic tiles. That is why Invader artworks resemble pixelations or mosaics. According to this artist, Space Invader was a perfect icon of his time, when digital technologies were the world’s heartbeat. However, using “guerilla tactics,” which he calls “Invasion waves,” Invader identified free public spaces in different areas where he installed often up to 50 of these “Space Invaders”. This work began in Paris in 1998, spread gradually to other cities in France, but can now be found worldwide.

Invader has recorded all the artworks taking note of the location, and the date, then awarding each work a score using a scale of 10-100. However, he estimates up to 15 percent of Invader art have been removed.

Invader Art: Most Important Works.

Invader’s Invasion Maps.

Invader art continue to conquer the world with mosaic. To date, he has worked on 4000+ Invader artworks across the world. Invader art can be found in 80+ cities and is present in many art galleries. On his website, you can often purchase maps listing all the locations where you can find Invader art on the street in a given city or country.

Invader’s Rubikcubism & Others.

Besides that, Invader created – for example – a Rubik’s Mona Lisa using 330 Rubik cubes. This artwork was bought in Paris for a whopping $ 570.141 at a sale dedicated to Urban Art. This Invader artwork remains true to the artist featuring his pixelated style. The work was part of his series known as Rubikcubism, a term coined by Invader for works made entirely of Rubik’s Cubes.

The artist is also known for being a part of Banksy’s “Exit Through the Gift Shop”, along Shepard Fairey and Mr. Brainwash.

View of Gallery with Invader exhibition

Invader Exhibitions.

Invader (supposedly) currently lives in France. However, over time he has exhibited his past work in several galleries worldwide. One of his last exhibitions was held on June 24, 2022, in the Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art in Brussels (MIMA). In 2020, Invader arts were exhibited in Ljubljana for a solo exhibition, “Print on Papers,” at the International Center for Graphic Arts in Slovenia.

In January 2017, this artist held an exhibition in Musee en Herbe at the children’s art Museum in Paris. Lastly, in 2015, Invader held a solo exhibition in Hong Kong contemporary Art foundation named “Wipe Out”. If you are interested in these artworks, there are many art galleries you can find internationally where you can buy Invader art.

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