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Paul Insect

Paul Insect: a Unique Style with Recognizable Recurring Themes.

Paul Insect, also known as PINS, is a contemporary street artist born in 1971 in Southeastern England. Paul studied graphic design in art college, where he started his art career. Initially, Paul Insect used spray paint and witty stencils while doing his work before transitioning to using canvases for gallery art. Today the artist has made a name for himself in the art world thanks to his incredible artwork. Paul Insect has held numerous exhibitions locally and internationally and has worked alongside renowned artists like Banksy. Continue reading to learn more about Paul Insect’s art career, from what he is known for to his most important works and exhibitions.

What Paul Insect is Known For.

Paul Insect is a British artist well known for drawing on and working with street art. He also produces sculptures, paintings, and collages. Paul Insect artworks are often bright and multi-textured. They feature mixed bright colours with morbid themes. At the same time, the human face features popping eyes and – for example – large bunny ears, giving his work a unique touch.

Paul is most famous for his pop art portraits that combine influences from Dadaism and street art. During the 90s, the artist came to light because of his “insect” collection, which started in 1996 and later disbanded in 2005. Also, Paul Insect collaborated with Banksy in several projects, including at the Cans Festival, on the separation wall in Palestine, and the Santa’s Ghetto project in Bethlehem.

Paul Insect Art: Most Important Works.

Paul Insect boasts hundreds of unique artworks, most of which are sold at galleries and auctions. People come out in numbers to buy Paul Insect paintings, collages, and sculptures once up for sale. Some of the iconic Paul Insect artworks include:

Paul Insect’s YPJ

One of the most well known Paul Insect artworks is (perhaps) YPJ, initially published in 2019. The artist printed the poster in solidarity with Rojava. It depicts a soldier with one popped eye and a big ear holding a gun.

The Ultimate Journey by Paul Insect.

Another iconic Paul Insect art piece is The Ultimate Journey, crafted in 2018. The screenprint is available in different colours, comprises ten bright colours, and features glazes, glitters and small diamond dust. The Ultimate Journey depicts the upper part of a woman with long hair wearing a multi-coloured blouse.

Clockwork Britain.

The Clockwork Britain is another great Paul Insect art. It depicts a face of a man wearing a coloured mask and a black cap backward.

Paul Insect canvas

Paul Insect Exhibitions.

The British artist Paul Insect has held many solo and group exhibitions of his past works. One of his most famous exhibitions, Bullion, was held in 2007 at Lazarides Gallery. During the show, Damien Hirst, a fan of PIN’s work, bought all the works exhibited even before it opened.
Another solo exhibition, “There’s more Upstairs”, featuring Paul Insect art, was held in 2019 at Allouche Gallery (New York/Los Angeles). Paul also exhibited Paper Trail in 2018 at Allouche Gallery. Other insects’ exhibitions include Secrete 7 (Somerset House, UK, 2015) and Oi You! (Founders Heritage Park, 2011).

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