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ROA: Life and Death imagery in Animals

ROA is a talented artist born in 1976 in Ghent, Belgium. He is an international Graffiti and street artist who generally paints giant murals of birds and animals. ROA started his artistic career in the 1990s by painting deserted buildings and warehouses in isolated places in his hometown. Today, ROA artworks inhabit walls in some major cities worldwide, from Europe to Asia and the United States. Using this, he has achieved international success in the urban art scene.

What ROA is Known For.

ROA mural in ghentThe Belgian Street artist ROA is famous for his large-scale black and white murals depicting animals. He is obsessed with animals and birds, and uses them often to depict scenes of life and death. On top of that, ROA usually paints different animals in different locations depending on the animals that inhabit the area he is painting. His phenomenal attention to detail also makes ROA a great artist.
This talented artist’s most preferred painting method is acrylic or spray paints. ROA art mainly uses black and white composition features. However, he also creates works using vibrant colours to depict the internal system or flesh within the birds or animals he is painting.

ROA Art: Most Important Works.

ROA urban art mural
ROA art has a distinct style. He paints extinct or endangered animal species on walls and wooden canvases. So far, he has animal drawings and sketches slumbering in most major cities on different continents. One of important ROA art murals is a large bird; crane painted on the wall of an Indian restaurant at the intersection of Brick Lane in Tower Hamlets and Hanbury street in 2010. Initially, ROA intended to draw a heron but later changed it to a crane, a sacred bird to the Bengali community.
Another masterpiece by ROA is a bat mural in Paris that is over 100 feet long, as well as his mural in Johannesburg, which depicts 6 wild animals, including an elephant, buffalo, lion, rhino, and leopard, resting on the edges of the building.

ROA Exhibitions.

Although most of ROA artworks are documented in films, photographs, and reviews, he has also exhibited in numerous galleries worldwide. One of the ground-breaking exhibitions he was a part of was “Art in the Streets”, in 2011 in MOCA, Los Angeles. It was a group exhibition alongside other street art icons such as Invader and Banksy.

Other ROA exhibitions include Daltonism (2021, Vertical Gallery), Annihilation (Backwoods Gallery,2020), Dormant (StolenSpace Gallery,2018), Endemic (Keteleer Gallery, Bremdonck,2021), and more. If you would like to buy ROA frames, art prints, or canvas, you can order online from different art collections.

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