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STIK: Simplistic Works that Speak to the Art World.

STIK is a British graffiti artist born in 1979, that began his street art career in the early 2000s while living in homeless shelters. He started by painting on the streets of East London. Today STIK is renowned for his iconic stick-like figure art, available as murals and in the form of prints. You can buy STIK prints on the secondary market. Continue reading to learn more about STIK art career, from what he is best known for, his most important works, to his exhibitions.

What STIK is Known For.

STIK - Don't PanicSTIK is one of the most famous street and graffiti artists worldwide, along with Banksy and Shepard Fairey. He is best known for his iconic stick figures quite literally made of a circle, two dots, and six sticks. STIK artworks first appeared on the streets of Hackney and now has become known in public places around the globe, from Norway to New York City. He paints on walls, water towers, gates, and many more public spaces.
STIK is also famous for his enormous mural ‘Big Mother’, painted in 2014 on Charles Hocking House. The 125-foot image depicting a mother and child is the tallest mural in Britain and covers the entire part of the Acton estate. Although he never went to an art school, STIK art uses a simple style to tell the story of his community. He works with homeless organizations, hospitals, and charities to enable his works to reach more audiences.

STIK Art: Most Important Works.

There are hundreds of STIK artworks both in the street and as prints. Here are some of his most important urban art pieces.


STIK’s Lovers.

One of the iconic STIK artworks is ‘Lovers’, initially printed in 2011. The image features a pair of screen-prints depicting STIK’s signature stickman. It shows two figures joined together at the hips as if hugging each other.

STIK – ‘Liberty’.

Another important STIK art screen-print is ‘Liberty.’ It depicts a stick man with one arm outstretched as if protesting. The screen-print is available in different colors and is based on a similar mural with the same name painted by STIK in New York.

Walk by STIK.

Another great STIK art is a screen-print named ‘Walk’ initially produced in 2012. The image depicts the stick man walking and is available in multiple colors.

Other STIK artworks.

In 2013, STIK launched an amazing initiative of printing free, unique posters distributed within the Big Issue magazine. The initiative turned out to be one of his most important works of all time. Also, you can find iconic STIK art posters in the STIK book.

STIK Exhibitions.

STIK has painted many stress walls across London and other parts of the world. He has also exhibited his artworks in many gallery spaces, both solo and groups globally. One of his latest exhibitions in 2022 is Back to the Cave at Gallery Pangolin. Also, in the same year, STIK had a Counter culture exhibition at Hidden Gallery Brighton. Other shows STIK has participated in include ‘Walk’ by STIK (Imitate, Modern, 2012) and ‘Against His Will’ (Galeria Kronsbein, Munich, 2017) and many more.

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