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SEO Audit for your Art Gallery, to define the next steps.

Finding the Right Starting Point for Your Gallery's SEO.

An SEO Audit is the starting point for many Search Engine Optimization projects for art galleries. It will help define the current SEO efforts, how things can be improved, and what realistic short-term and long-term goals are. In turn, we can establish investment and return-on-investment timelines that way.

How does an SEO Audit for an art gallery work?

There are many aspects that are considered in an SEO Audit for art galleries. These can be divided into several categories, including general considerations, on-page SEO, Technical SEO, Local SEO and general online presence and social media.

Art World Marketing also includes a section specific to art galleries. For this, we draw on the best online practices of art galleries around the world.

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Art Considerations in an SEO Audit.

Improving conversion rates on an art gallery’s website is one of the considerations in our SEO audit. That means, that we look at such aspects as artist presentation, artist biographies, artwork presentation, site structures, and available information about your gallery. Using the knowledge and experience we’ve built over the years, this will help going further in-depth in our SEO audits.

The results of an SEO Audit.

Other than describing the status quo of a gallery’s SEO efforts and online presence, an SEO audit helps us agree on short-term and long-term measures to improve your gallery’s website’s searchability. Together, we can define what needs to happen, when it needs to happen, and what value that has for the overall goals of the gallery.

In our follow-up SEO reporting, we will draw on these statistics and goals to track progress. For example in terms of traffic and visitors to the gallery’s website, conversion rates, and bounce rates. This will help make sure the SEO audit we did at the beginning of the collaboration remains fruitful.

SEO Audit for Art Galleries: our checklist.

Want to receive our SEO Audit checklist? Feel free to contact us to request it. We would also be happy to get a call scheduled to discuss your gallery’s SEO together with you.