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Using Your Gallery's Website to Drive Results.

Digital Marketing is more important for Galleries and Art Businesses than ever. Expanding your network of Buyers, Generating more Traffic, Conversation and Sales on your Gallery’s website, attracting new Talent and bringing more Visitors to your Website as well as your next Vernissage: just a few reasons why having an Online Presence is truly important for Galleries.

Art Paintings in a Gallery

Search Engine Optimization: Driving (Organic) Traffic and Conversation to your Gallery.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the Art of making sure your Gallery’s website is found.

As frequently as possible, by showing at the top of the search results. There are a number of tools and strategies involved here, which Art World Marketing is able to provide. Predominantly, it requires Content Marketing, an International SEO Strategy, as well as Technical SEO. Other than that, a social media presence is needed and paid advertising is an option. A selection of SEO Tools (that Art World Marketing works with) is available to make sure search engines such as Google recognize your gallery’s website as an authority.

Any SEO project always starts with an SEO Audit for Galleries. That helps makes sure the next steps and goals are clearly defined.

Content Marketing for Galleries.

Content Marketing: every website requires relevant textual and visual content in order to be found. It’s how Google sees and indexes the internet. In the Art World and for websites of Galleries, this for example means having artist biographies and artwork descriptions, along with a news section, relevant whitepapers, and blogs. Building clusters of art content around the keywords that are relevant for your gallery, makes sure you are found when you need to be found – as a relevant and credible source for the artists and the artworks that are available through you.

Combining this with the right way of communicating with your target audience using International SEO, makes for a powerful Content Strategy. One that will ultimately bring you more sales. For that, a brand voice needs to be defined – the tone-of-voice (TOV) and style you use to address your target reader, whether they are businesses, a general or niche audience of art enthusiasts, or for example other galleries. Consistently communicating with the same tone and style, means an Identity is created that is recognizable and expresses what your gallery stands for.

Technical SEO for the Art World.

Technical SEO means making sure your gallery website’s traffic, conversion and sales aren’t negatively impacted by the way the website functions. For that, a technical knowledge is needed that Art World Marketing brings to the table – an expertise that is often overlooked by galleries and requires a collaboration with an agency.

Making sure that your gallery’s website is fast and has a logical layout and structure, that it does not contain technical errors such as 404s, and that it uses the right encryption methods: they are just examples of what needs to checked and corrected to bring your Gallery’s SEO to the next level. It should as such be part of any Online Marketing Strategy for Galleries.

Small paintings in an art gallery
Gallery with Bench

Selling Art on Marketplaces.

Along with your gallery’s own website, selling on (local) art marketplaces can be an excellent tool to reach a larger audience. Whether through eBay, Artsy, Marktplaats in the Netherlands or for example eBay-Kleinanzeigen in Germany, using the right selling portals to extend your reach is something that will drive sales, while further establishing your gallery.

Selling on Art Marketplaces is a part of any Gallery’s Strategy for Online Presence.

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