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A Brief History of Everything about Us.

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Our Services: Online Marketing & SEO for Galleries.

As a gallery, you want to be found. In order to sell more artworks, bring more recognition to your gallery’s artists, and expand your network. This is where Art World Marketing comes in: combining our expertise in digital marketing with our knowledge of the art world, we help art businesses to achieve online growth.

We Grew Up with Art.

Art World Marketing is a digital marketing agency for the art world, focusing on improving the online presence of galleries, artists, art events, and art exhibitions.

Art World Marketing, operating out of Frankfurt, Germany, is ran by Emile Haffmans, who grew up with Art and who has a Professional background in running large scale online marketing projects for not only the art world, but also corporates, enterprises, start-ups and other agencies.

Emile Haffmans
Art World Marketing was founded
by Emile Haffmans.

Driving the Conversion and Revenue of Your Gallery's Website.

Using your own Website as a foundation, we make sure you are found. As an online marketing agency for art businesses, we focus on On-Page SEO, Content Marketing, Technical SEO, and your Online Presence as a whole. Using relevant and interesting art content to attract visitors, and by making sure your website works the way it should work intuitively, we make sure search engines such as Google index your gallery’s website properly and recognize it as a relevant authority. This way, your artworks, artists, events and exhibitions show up at the top of Google’s search results.

About AWM: Online Marketing by day, Art by Night.

What is unique about Art World Marketing is its dual background: Emile brings 20 years of digital experience to the table, along with 20 years of navigating the art world. On a personal level, Emile grew up with graffiti, street art and urban art, as well as the fine art of his father’s arts and antiques business, and many art fair and museum visits. Along with that, Emile has worked on (art) websites and digital marketing strategies for years. And that sums up what Art World Marketing is all about: Digital Marketing x Art.

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