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Drive Your Gallery's Sales using Images of Art.

Art gallery websites are becoming more popular among artists, thanks to a larger online presence of the art world. With many galleries having access to online technology, the opportunities for most people, including artists, grow.

Nowadays, what you need to do as a gallery is develop an art website to display artworks to millions of people worldwide. Potential buyers only need internet-enabled computers or smartphones to view your artwork from the comfort of their homes.

With art gallery websites becoming a huge thing, most artists have put more effort into ensuring the websites are vibrant to attract more viewers to their artwork. As an artist, you can replicate physical art shows and exhibits on a website and create a more immersive environment that attracts viewers to your art gallery website.

You can expose your works creatively with a well-designed and organised art gallery website. Also, such online platforms enable collectors and art lovers to discover and even buy your works. Below are some ways to get creative with your artwork displayed on your gallery website.

1. Display Your Artwork Framed on a Wall.

Many galleries use stock images of available artworks on their gallery websites. While acceptable, you can be more creative and create an immersive experience by displaying the artwork on a wall.

Such a display is a great way to show people how the art would look when hung on a wall in a room. You also give viewers of your work a glimpse of how creative you are. Most art lovers want to feel like they are in an art show. Wall arrangement images of art on a website will entice and bring more viewers to the art gallery, and they will even buy the art if they imagine how it would look on their walls.

artworks on display in a gallery

2. Organise Your Artwork Images Into Slides.

Slide shows are some of the best ways galleries can display artworks on their website. Slide shows enable an artist to feature various images or their artwork conveniently. Your site’s visitors can also navigate the images easily, as they only need to slide the images to view the next one. With slide shows, you can also categorize your artwork in different ways. For example, you can group artwork with the same themes on one slide, which is convenient for you and the viewers. Slides are also easy to design and upload to a website.

Three paintings in a gallery

3. Grid Your Work if it Contains Collections of Various Media Types.

For artists who want to display structured art projects that contain different media types, then displaying them in a grid is what you should do. With this, site visitors can easily select the art project they want to look closely at the highest resolution by tapping on the provided thumbnail.

4. Enable Zooming on Your Gallery's Website.

Art websites are accessible on various devices, some with large screens and some with small ones, like smartphones. When you enable zooming options, your website’s visitors can scale the images to see the finer details of the artwork, which is what art lovers want to see. You can also let viewers rotate and view your art from different angles, which is a creative way of getting more people interested in viewing your gallery website.

For gallery websites, creativity is key. How you arrange your artwork, design and ease of navigation will determine if you get many visitors to the site or not. Always be creative to capture the attention of art collectors, art lovers and even potential buyers.

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