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Navigating the (Online) Art World Together With Us.

Purchasing Art With Us.

Having access to tons of online resources to purchase Contemporary Art, means making the right choices online is harder than ever. At the same time, buying art on Websites such as eBay, Catawiki and Artsy is extremely easy and can be done within minutes.

Are you looking to purchase Art, whether for your own Home, for Business purposes, or purely as an Investment? Art World Marketing keeps track of the online Contemporary Art Market. We use publicly available Tools, such as Worthpoint and Artprice, as well as a unique database only available to us, which constantly indexes auction website results. That way, you can let us give you the best opportunities to buy art.

Want to discuss further your online art purchase further? Contact us to discuss our approach – from set-up to hanging the works.

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Let Us Find Your Way to Sell Art.

When selling contemporary art online, different websites yield different outcomes. Some allow for a quick sale, others take longer but will bring higher prices. Similarly, going the art auction route, whether online or offline, can be a good choice – depending on the work you‘re looking to sell.

Having sold art online ourselves for years, we now share our Know-How with others. Let us help put your works to auction, sell them online through the big auction websites, or use our existing network of buyers to bring them to market. 

In collaboration with you, Art World Marketing will make sure the right channel, that matches your wishes, is used. Contact us to talk to us about it!

Ready to purchase or sell art online? Art World Marketing is here to help.

Whether you’re a Gallerist, an Artist, or otherwise – Art World Marketing is here for you. Contact us to get in touch!