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Your gallery’s website, using art market places, SEO, and posting on social media.

Using Your Gallery's Website to Drive Results.

Thanks to the numerous user-friendly websites and social media platforms, art galleries can easily develop an online presence. The ease of establishing an online presence simplifies the challenging process of establishing your gallery as a professional business – which is well worth your effort. And A digital presence is crucial if you want to promote your art, artists, artworks and art events. 

Here are 4 suggestions to get started in the quickly growing online art market.

1. Create an Appealing Gallery Website.

The first step to establishing an online presence is creating your website. Even though it may seem obvious to have a website, 28% of small companies don’t have websites. Having a dedicated website for your gallery will make it simpler for clients to find you and increase your gallery’s credibility.

Don’t worry about learning to code, as there are numerous website builders out there who can assist you in producing stunning, expert websites in only a day or so. Ensure that your website is clear, simple and has a solid web design across various mobile devices. Art World Marketing also offers web development for art galleries.

Large white gallery space

2. Maintain a Presence on Social Media as an Art Gallery.

As a gallery, you’ll need more than simply your website to develop genuine interactions with your consumers. Nowadays, social media is the place to be if you want to meet new clients and artists, interact with them and promote artworks.

Furthermore, setting up a profile or page on popular social networking sites is free. If you posts updates regularly, you’ll have a higher chance of reaching more people than you would with only your gallery’s website traffic.

You’ll effectively get an endless free promotion when you provide material that your art audience share on their accounts. Maintaining an online presence in the art world, particularly on social media, can help you build connections with prospective clients, as you can reply to queries and get client feedback fast and easily.

Paintings and visitor in a gallery

3. Utilize Art Marketplaces.

Art-specialized marketplaces such as eBay and Artsy are a practical approach for galleries that want to immediately reach a larger audience (even worldwide). Marketplaces generally charge a commission, but will help in reaching a global audience for your art gallery.

Need a bit of help? Art World Marketing can help you understand which marketplaces are best for your artists and artworks.

4. SEO: Creating Visibility on Search Engines.

Have a website will make it easy for your clients to locate you when they do an internet search for your art gallery. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means employing additional keywords in your online content to rank high on search engine results pages, for all pages that are relevant to the art and artists you represent.

Consider employing long-tail keywords in your content marketing to attract clients if you work in a popular sector. The term “art gallery” by itself will not assist search engines like Google in identifying your unique gallery’s offering amid all other galleries out there. However, targeting “art gallery in Shoreditch” will make sure that highly relevant visitors find your website. A digital marketing strategy that Art World Marketing can help with.

Your Gallery's Online Presence.

An online presence can give your gallery the exposure it deserves. There are many steps to take to make sure your gallery grows, both online and offline. Want to discuss that further?